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War Robots Hacks & Life Hacks Review

So many people love War Robots but when progressing you learn quite fast that it will get expensive to keep up with the higher level players – that’s the reason why so many people search for War Robots hacks and cheats.

I’ve been checking out a lot of them and some of them are helpful and others are not, so I decided to write this article here to show you which hacks really work and which ones do not.

Also, I divided this review into two sections, one for the life hacks (the ones that you can use without risk) and the ones that require some external tools (use at your own risk)

Life Hacks in War Robots – Make Sure To Use Them

Let’s start with the ones that only use game mechanic elements.

Life Hack #1 – Use The Range Meter

Always know how far the weapons you carry can range – this is extremely important as outside of that range you will not deal any damage to an enemy robot during the battle but reveal your weapon and drain ammo.

war robots range

There’s always a small number below the enemy robot you’re targeting showing the exact distance and you need to ALWAYS have an eye on that before hitting the fire button.

Life Hack #2 – Shoot Around Corners

You can indeed (or better let’s say: have to) shoot around the corner in War Robots – this little hack can be used with your side weapons just being far enough to shoot at the enemy while your robot is in the secure section behind a building or any other obstacle.

shoot around the corner hack in war robots

This hack allows it to deal damage while not suffering much damage yourself (or at least suffer a lot less damage).

Life Hack #3 – Robots Royale Hack

Robots Royale is a great way to get some nice freebies, including a good load of Silver, key or also up to 400 free Gold. The bad news is, you can do a lot of mistakes when using it so here are the best tips I can give you to make the most out of it.war robots royale

You will get a free roll every day and with each additional slot opened the price in War Robot Royale Tickets will rises a lot.

Do not get baited by the awesome prices shown in the box on the right side, they are not completely random! Of course, there are extremely rare chances that you will open up the 400 free Gold or any of the other awesome prizes in the first or second open, but they are so small that you shouldn’t expect it to happen at all.

If you get a lot of Royale Tickets from the league you’re in and can afford to open a lot of them, you shouldn’t open up a lot and rather re-roll the prizes instead of paying the crazy prizes (opening one of the last 4 slots will cost you a whopping 165,000 tickets, that’s half the prize you get for being in the highest league at the end of the season!!

Life Hack #4 – Free Gold In Lower Leagues

You can simply drop into lower leagues where you can easily dominate there and earn your Gold from tasks a lot faster.*

*Fixed! There used to be a way to farm a ton of free Gold by simply dropping into the lowest leagues and then taking out everyone with your robot and weapons that are a lot higher with every match – this got fixed with the new matchmaking algorithm that was released recently that will always match you up with opponents of your strength and not just with those in the same league.

Cheats & Hacks in War Robots – Caution

Now we’ll take a look at the hacks that require third-party tools and that are not allowed in War Robots so only use them at your own risk, you might get banned for using them!

Hack #1 – Gold Generators

There are a lot of websites out there that ask you for your player name and how much Gold and Silver you need and claim to directly send it to your War Robots account.

war robots unlimited gold

Once you entered this they will connect and ask for human verification in the very last step – this verification typically is downloading an app or finishing a survey. In fact, I wasn’t able to get it running and I’m not sure if that was my fault or if they don’t work at all…

Hack #2 – Wall & Map Hack

This mod comes in very handy because it will tell you the position of any enemy robot, even when they are hiding behind a cover like you can see it in the image below.

war robots wall hack

It allows you to move your position to either attack them or to move in a better position, but I think you will get spotted using this very soon when you always magically know where they are 😂

Hack #3 – SpeedUp, Invincible, Unlimited Ammo & More Damage Mod

I also found one mod that promise to let you move faster so you can actually have a heavy brawler move as quick and agile as a fast one and deal more damage.

Sounds great and would totally wreck any opponent but after all, it just did not work, I wasn’t able to get it working and actually I believe that those are simply trying to modify the main game mechanics too much so they simply can’t work.


I hope you found this overview helpful. Please respect that I don’t directly tell you the names or where to get the 3rd party hacks, I don’t want to incentivize cheating and promote such things – this review is an overview to show you what’s possible so you can also spot any cheating player ✌️

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