best weapons in war robots

The Best Weapons in War Robots

With more than 50 weapons available in War Robots it’s not easy to choose which ones to get, equip and spend your time and cash on leveling up. For that reason I have here some great choices that will help you make that decision.

the best equipment in war robots

Best Heavy Weapons in War Robots

The Thunder is a great choice here, which is essentially a huge shotgun and amazing in closer range fighting. With a maximum range of 500m you still rather want to use it in the 200m range for the best effectivity. When you have to deal with heavy robots, the Thunder is a great weapon in War Robots because they have are a huge target.

It’s alo a nice shield breaker even at 400-500m range due to the shell fragments to still hit and will deal double damage to shields because it’s a kinetic weapon.

I always have it equipped when possible.

Trident is a good alternative heavy weapon in War Robots. It’s similar to Pin or Tulumbar and fires rockets up to 600m distance. The damage is just incredible and also deals splash damage so it can also hit enemy robots that take cover. I see it being used in higher leagues all the time.

Best Medium Weapons in War Robots

I’d recommend you to use the Taran. It’s a close combat plasma weapon and will deal massive damage at close range and you can combine it great with the Thunder.

Alternatively, you should take the Orkan that shoots rockets that deal splash damage, but the smart reloading makes it very vital in fights and can be reloaded while firing. It’s a great choice and you should alwas try to put pressure on enemies that are hiding behind corners or covers as you can still damage them with the splash damage. Now the smart reloading will confuse the enemy and he can’t determine if you have an empty or fully reloaded weapon after a few shots.

Best Light Weapons in War Robots

I’ll recommend the Magnum for a lightweight weapon in War Robots with the high accuracy and continuous fire it’s a huge help. You don’t need to reload and it has less bullet spread than the Punisher giving the Magnum a higher damage overall even with lower DPS

Alternatively, I’ll recommend you to use the Pinata that can deal very high amount of damage over a short period of time.

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