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The 5 Best Robots in War Robots

With all the different robots in War Robots, you have a hard choice what bots will server you will and which ones not. Here you will find my personal Top 5 robots I can really recommend you to use.

War Robots Best Robots

Enough chitchat, let’s dive directly into my personal list of best robots in War Robots.

rhino best robot in war robots#1 – Rhino

Without any doubt the best robot in War Robots. You need to pay 3,000 Gold what’s not really cheap at all but worth after all.

The built-in shield is great to break through enemy lines and can turn the sides in a match. Equipped with medium and short-range weapons this robot is a true beast and a nightmare, but it’s not really a robot for beginners. It’s easy to make a mistake that will make your Rhino a sitting duck easily so be careful.


griffin great robot in war robots#2 – Griffin

The Griffin is probably the most popular robot of all time in War Robots and number two on my list for a good reason. You need 1.7M Silver to buy it and it’s absolutely worth it if you ask me.

Being a heavy robot you should equip it with medium or short-range weapons and dive into the battle and that’s where its special ability kicks in perfectly – the jump. You can overcome the slow speed with a jump right into the action and also make a rescue move if the soup gets too hot and jump out with the Griffin giving you a lot of great options to give your opponents a headache.

#3 – Raijin

To be honest, the Raijin is actually when looking at the overall stats the best robot in War Robots but the high price of 3,500 Gold made me place it on number 3 in my list.

So, the Raijin has the second highest hitpoints in the game and the bastion ability will confuse enemies often times and with the quadrupedal legs it won’t suffer any delay from falling and has the best climbing ability in the game that will give it a great advantage over other robots in War Robots.

#4 – GI Patton

Probably the most deadly robot on my list and with 500,000 Silver quite a cheap one (compared to the others on my list here). Equipped with 4 magnum or pinatas he will do something that can only be described as robot slaughter 😀

Just be careful that you use these ambush moments situationally and don’t make the mistake to easily walk into dangerous fights or you will see that you can also die very quickly with the Patton in War Robots.

#5 – Fujin

I have the Fujin on position 5 on my list because it is the best support robot in War Robots. Just in terms of how good you perform with this robot there are better ones, but if you have this robot in your team you can provide a really tough shield and your team will see a huge boost that can give you the victory more often.

Hope you enjoyed my list here, if you have anything to add please drop a comment below 🙂

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