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Best Tactics For All Maps In War Robots

I have here some general tactics for all the different maps in War Robots that should help you kick off your matches best and understand how the battle dynamics work, how you can gain the upper hand and beat your enemies.

Battle Strategies For All Maps


canyon strategy

Best Bots: Mid Range & Sniper Bots are really strong here

Strategy: Capture the beacon in the corner of your side (A or E) as fast as possible, preferably with a fast robot and start securing the bridge next to it to the enemy side.

The center beacon (C) is the toughest to capture and only has little cover, so don’t commit too much here.

The key to win this map is getting the flanking beacons on your side (B or D) and then start some action in the center beacon, ideally with your slow and tough robots. While your enemy team will send in full forces to the center you can steal the enemy flanking beacon (B or D) so disrupt their forces and keep them busy.


carrier strategy

Best Bots: Mid Range Bots are strong here with lots of hit-and-run possibilities

Strategy: The map itself is pretty straightforward, both teams are running towards each other and beacon C will decide the battle.

While the battle for the C beacon is going on, you can use the bottom deck to sneak behind enemy lines and try to steal their initial beacons (A/B or D/E) to distract them and also create confusion in their main lines when they need to grab them back – this will give the others an advantage getting the upper hand in the fight for the center beacon.

Dead City

dead city strategy

Best Bots: Mid Range Bots and Snipers

Strategy:Β Head to the left to capture the elevated beacon first (D or B) and the sniper in your team should hold that position, they can pretty much hit everything from that elevated position.

Next you can go straight for the other side beacon (A or C) with sniper support and keep the enemy team busy there but don’t let them flank you from the building so don’t over commit here. One should go to the right from the start to keep the enemy team busy at your C or A beacon.

If the enemy team will have many forces in the fight for these two beacons you can rush to the center beacon “E”. There’s always a shifting here, react to the forces of your enemies, if they are really going for the A or C beacon the E beacon will be a nice choice, if they rush to the center you can get the A and C beacon more easily.


Best Bots: Quick and light robots

Strategy: Capture the A or E beacon with medium or heavy robots while a fast robot runs for the beacon D and sniper should try to get on top of the roof where you can support capturing/holding beacon D and support the action at beacon B. Sometimes you can also shoot from the top down to what’s going on at beacon C.

When there’s not much action at beacon B you should try to support at the center beacon that also connects with the beacon D so you can hold both when working together leaving you three beacons. But while doing this carefully watch the enemy team, they might rush through B to A/E beacon and catch you off guard!


Best Bots: Jumping, dash and heavy robots

Strategy: This map will shift the beacon captures fast so you will have to react a lot with teamwork to what your enemy is doing. Your whole team walk in one direction while one heavy robot should capture the A/E beacon. Then 1-2 robots should go for the C beacon and hold the line while the others are capturing the D/B beacon and go to the center beacon to support.

Once you have these three beacons captured, you need to carefull react and start supporting from the flanks when they get captured, normally the B/D beacon gets stolen frequently while the battle for the center beacon C is at its peak,


Best Bots: Jumping and quick robots are in favor here due to the level shifts

Strategy: Try capture the beacon B with quick robots and secure the beacon A as well – a sniper is also useful to support picking approaching enemies here. The others should go for the D/E beacon.

Now your team needs to react to what the enemy is doing. If the battle will concentrate on beacon B you can rush for the C beacon and catch your enemies off guard getting their D/E beacon.


Best Bots: All – snipers have a great sight, quick robots can hide fast and heavy robots are great in the Colosseum.

Strategy: The map is pretty straightforward to play and the action often concentrated in the center. Your goal should be to capture the Colosseum and then you have a great option to defend the entrances while also defending the aligning beacons as well.

If you have a sniper bot in your team you can also dominate wide areas around the arena in the middle.


shenzhen strategy

Best Bots: All

Strategy: Take the home beacon A/C with a sniper that will start dealing damage to approaching bots in the center while the others will split up and go for the side beacons B/D.

The key to success here is simply watching what the enemy team does and reacting by staling beacons that aren’t well-defended and support others when there are beacons in trouble.


springfield strategy

Best Bots: All

Strategy: The midrange robots go for the port area, snipers stay in the middle area and the robots with shield go for the hills.

A general strategy is securing the close beacons A/E or C/B fast and then stay a lot in cover and time your approaches, especially in the port area. It’s not easy to capture the other beacon in the port area and if a lot of action goes on there you can try to steal an anemy beacon E/D to start confusion and hope to break the enemy lines.


Best Bots: All

Strategy: Most action will take place in the center with the heavy bots there. Your team can use the elevated areas at the beacons A/E or the home spawning point for a sniper and approach the center.

Usually, you can use a quick bot to run for the B/D beacons, but there’s not much cover there but you can distract your enemy with that move and might win the upper hand in the center with this move.


Yamantau strategy

Best Bots: Sniper

Strategy:Β This map is nothing else than capturing your home beacons and going for the middle where all the action is.

Don’t focus on stealing any beacons on this map, the sniper should stay back at the elevated points and let the heavy and quick bots rush for the center beacon and the better team will win πŸ™‚


Please understand this guide here as a general strategy on how to start off your battle on the different maps in War Robots, nothing else. In battles there are so many dynamic things that can happen that you will need to react individually that makes it impossible to give you a guide for that. But understanding where the beacons are and how you should start off your match will help you ✌️

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